Biodegradable Nappies FAQ's

May 10, 2023 3 min read

Baby Playing In Eco Friendly Nappies

Biodegradable nappies are a fantastic alternative to traditional disposable nappies. They’re a more eco-friendly and sustainable option, made from natural, fast-growing materials such as bamboo. As they’re free of harmful chemicals, they’re much safer and kinder for babies too. 

If you’re thinking about buying bamboo nappies and want to know more, then we’ve written a post that’s just for you. Below, we answer some of the most common questions about environmentally friendly, biodegradable nappies - so keep reading to learn more. 


What are they Made From?

Biodegradable nappies are typically made from natural materials such as bamboo. Bamboo makes nappies much softer and helps reduce the chance of nappy rash for babies. It’s a naturally antibacterial and temperature regulating material too, similar to silk. It’s also a much more sustainable material than the petroleum-based polyester plastic that’s commonly used in traditional disposable nappies. 

Eco nappies are also free from chlorine and harsh chemicals, and they’re compostable, so they’ll break down in a home hot compost or industrial compost. Overall, they are better for the environment when compared to traditional disposable nappies that you find in supermarkets.


Are they Breathable?

Another common question we receive is; are biodegradable nappies breathable? The answer is yes, they are more breathable than traditional disposable nappies. This breathability combined with the improved heat control of bamboo is one of the main reasons why these nappies help to reduce nappy rash for babies. They will help to keep your little one’s skin dry and comfortable, and they’re less likely to cause skin irritation. Not to mention, they’re free from bleaching agents and other harsh chemicals too. 


How Much Do they Cost?

The bamboo nappies we supply at Mama Bamboo are a cost-effective option when compared to other leading brands' premium nappies in supermarkets. We ensure our nappies are very competitively priced and a one-time purchase is just £9.95. However, you can save even more when you sign up for a nappy subscription. Not only will you benefit from the convenience of having nappies delivered to your door, but you can save 10% when you subscribe.


What are the Benefits?

Nappies made from biodegradable materials are a great alternative to traditional disposable nappies that are made of polyesters, cotton, plastics and other harmful materials. As we’ve mentioned above, the fact that these nappies are made from bamboo means they’re sustainable and the plant-based breathable liner in our nappies is 100% compostable. Our packaging is also made from 100% compostable blown film, so it won’t contribute to the growing problem of plastic waste that is polluting our oceans and land.

Furthermore, biodegradable nappies that are made from bamboo viscose are also better for your baby’s delicate skin. They are much more breathable than plastic nappies, reducing the risk of nappy rash and skin irritation. They also contain fewer chemicals and additives than traditional nappies, making them a healthier and safer choice for babies. Overall, they’re a brilliant alternative for anyone looking to live more sustainably. 

Want to Buy Biodegradable Nappies in the UK?

Looking to buy sustainable bamboo nappies for your baby? Mama Bamboo is the ideal place to order nappies online. We are an eco-friendly nappy company providing bamboo nappies and wipes at affordable prices. Our high-quality award winning sustainable bamboo nappies are ‘Best for baby, you & Mama Earth too’, and we are passionate about providing super soft, comfortable nappies and nappy pants for the little people in your life. 

Our nappies are made from 100% biodegradable bamboo viscose layers, 100% biodegradable chlorine-free pulp and 100% compostable plant-based liners. If you would like to find out more about how you can dispose of used nappies, visit our FAQ page. You can also find out more about our campaign #thenappyrevolution and how we’re working with local environmental groups to campaign for industrial composting services within council landfills and encouraging councils to invest in recycling services for nappies. 

If you have any unanswered questions about our nappies, then please do not hesitate to drop us a message via the online form on our website. We’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.

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