Who we are

I am a full time mummy of two little angels; Rebecca and Alexander. They are my world. They are hard work. They bring me immeasurable joy. Some days they reduce me to tears. That's parenthood. I love it. 

I worry about them day and night. The little things, the big things, the scary future things over which I have no control. 

One of my worries is what sort of world they will grow up in. Will they grow into techno robots who never play in the woods? Will they look at me blankly when I talk about a 'Walkman' or a dolphin; both species extinct to them? 

As a mummy, I want the best for my babies. As a tired, overworked parent I want convenience. And as a potential grandmother one day, I want to know that I did not cause untold harm to this world which we must pass on to future generations. 


By choosing natural Mama Bamboo products you are giving your baby a more natural healthy start in life. In return we  give you our word that our products live up to our values....

BEST for BABY - each product is designed with your baby's comfort and health as a priority

BEST for YOU - designs are beautiful yet simple, pleasing to parents but without hefty 'designer' price tags. Products are tested and tested for practicality and durability offering you value for money.

BEST for MAMA EARTH - all elements of product and supply are chosen to be kinder to the environment. 


Here at Mama Bamboo we aim to provide high quality, practical, environmentally friendly, gentle products for you and your baby. 

Our core values are....

'Best for BABY.   Best for YOU.   Best for MAMA EARTH'. 

We will stay true to these principles in everything we do from sourcing our products, to arranging shipping, pricing our items, choosing colours for packaging and even deciding not to print out a document for a sales meeting.