Who we are

Our small but perfectly formed team

Who are Mama Bamboo

We are parents.....First and foremost we are mums with a passion for our children and their welfare, their health and their future

And we are worried....8 million plastic nappies and 11 million plastic wet wipes are used every DAY in the UK. Our babies' and yours need us to change this before it's too late.

We are determined to make choosing a greener parenting lifestyle as easy and simple as possible for you. In creating Mama Bamboo, we believe we have found the perfect blend of sustainability, performance and convenience to make your life and your baby's life that much better today and tomorrow.

At the heart of everything we do is your babies’ health and comfort. As mums to young children, we are intrinsically aware that we all want the best for our babies. Using bamboo we truly believe we’ve found the most natural, luxuriously soft, antibacterial, breathable solution which helps control nappy rash.

And secondly we really want to produce a solution that is much kinder on the environment.  There’s no getting round it, babies use a lot of stuff in the first couple of years and much of it is plastic, single use, and less than earth friendly. But it doesn’t all have to be. Disposable nappies and wipes can be made using sustainable materials. And all packaging can be compostable 🌳 or recycled. ♻️ 

Founder and CEO

Passionate about making the best products to make early parenting life easier. First and foremost, a mummy who can usually be found in the meadow covered in mud, roasting marshmallows on the campfire or making a delightful mess at home with baking ingredients.

Laura Crawford

Operations Director

Mistress of All - she manages every step our products take from the manufacturing floor across the ocean and straight to your door. Jennie is also mummy, army-wife, head of the PTA, Bounce instructor, my best friend of 20 years and all round Wonderwoman.

Jennie Potts

Finance Manager

Responsible for keeping us all honest and on the right side of the HMRC. Nicola isn't all numbers though. She is an avid creative writer and has her own blog @mummywales, documenting her nature inspired home life with her beautiful sons and their dog.

Nicola Wiggins

Customer Support

If you contact us for anything, it'll be Emma who helps you. Emma and Nicola are school gate mums who live in the same village and have both recently become new doggy mummies together, so enjoy long walks in the Hertfordshire countryside.

Emma Shutlar

Brand Manager

Responsible for the creation of our beautiful Ping and his lovely bamboo world. Jo and Emma's children play for the same football team, so they spend many a cold Saturday morning huddled on the sidelines coming up with new ideas.

Jo Wilde

Digital Marketing Manager

Responsible for spreading the good word of bamboo and raising awareness of our cause. Sam has recently had her own BambooBaba and is now sending in pictures and providing us all with much brooding and coo-ing in the office.

Sam MacKenzie

Fulfillment Managers

Callum and John are a father and son team who manage our UK warehouse and pack your parcels with love and care. They live in Laura's hometown of Bury, Lancashire and exude the natural friendliness and humour of Bury lads.

Callum & John Owen

Sales Agent

Responsible for building relationships with clients in the UK and EU with wholesalers and retailers. Arran is a digital nomad currently living in Spain. In his spare time, he is either found swimming in the sea or hiking in the mountains.

Arran Lawson