2024 ESG Policies and Commitments

Mama Bamboo have undertaken a rigorous assessment with Sustainable X and completed a full Impact Statement with B-Corp to help inform our Environmental and Social Policies and Commitments.

Using the UN's Sustainable Development Goals Framework, we commit to the following policies and goals for 2024:


Mama Bamboo are committed to donating 20% of net profits to charitable causes every year. In 2024 we will continue to support the Ugandan Bamboo Village. We also continue to donate nappies to disadvantaged families in the UK. Mama Bamboo have committed to donating nappies and wipes to Ickle Pickles' Children's Charity and will match every customer's donation pound for pound.

Carbon Climate Action

Mama Bamboo will continue to support the Oncra-approved carbon offset and afforestation scheme with the Bamboo Village. Mama Bamboo are committed to achieving Zero Carbon by 2030 by further reducing freighting emissions, using solar energy for manufacture on more product lines and offsetting all remaining carbon emissions via the partnership with the Bamboo Village Programme.

Clean Water and Sanitation

By choosing bamboo as the core ingredient within our products, we have chosen the least water intensive crop on earth. Bamboo does not require false irrigation like cotton and grows organically without fertilisers or pesticides polluting our groundwater. We are committed to continuing this in 2024 and will measure and monitor our usage and report transparently within our Impact Statements.

Industry, innovation and infrastructure

Mama Bamboo have developed an 80% compostable bio-based nappy product and a 100% compostable bio-based wipe product. We are committed to continuing to develop product to achieve >90% compostability of core product by 2030.

Partnerships & certifications

Mama Bamboo was named the "Best for the World - Environment" for the second year running by the B-Corp organisation in 2023, meaning we are amongst the top 5% scorers globally in the Environment category.

Since then we have increased our B-Corp score by 15% through our environmental policies and our focus on employee welfare and governance. Mama Bamboo is now the highest scoring B-Corp nappy /diaper brand in the world.

Sustainable cities and communities

Mama Bamboo are working in partnership with the University College London and other private firms to develop the process of nappy industrial composting to reduce landfill waste and capture valuable nutrients for soil regeneration.

Having proven that our nappies and wipes can compost in industrial compost facilities, Mama Bamboo will continue to partner with UCL on the Comfort Loop Programme to develop a viable sustainable circular economy model for all local councils to adopt kerbside collection of industrial compost waste, including nappies and wipes.

The programme will take 3 years (2024-2027) and aims to provide a working solution which the UK government and DEFRA approve and will fund accordingly.

Discriminationand Inequality

Mama Bamboo is committed to providing gainful employment without prejudice regardless of age, race, sex or gender.

Zero Hunger

In partnership with The Bamboo Village, Mama Bamboo have afforested an area of Uganda, improving the soil cohesion and fertility and increasing the ability of locals to plant small subsistence farms and become self sufficient. This partnership will continue and grow in 2024.

Responsible consumption and production

Mama Bamboo have reviewed all supply chain practices to eradicate or reduce wastage at all stages. 80% of production waste is collected and re-used within our factories. Our goal is to achieve zero-wastage by 2030.

Life on Land

Mama Bamboo commit to only using 100% FSC® (C134890) certified bamboo and wood resources in their nappies and nappy pants, ensuring all crops are sustainably grown and harvested. We will never use timber or wood products from illegal or unknown sources within our supply chain.

Life under Water

Bamboo processing for our products is conducted within a closed loop system and does not impact negatively on waterways or oceans. In 2023, we successfully audited and gained certification that our wastage water from our nappy and pants production met all environmental requirements. We will continue this and reaudit in 2024.

Animal Welfare

No animal testing is ever carried out for any of our products or ingredients. Mama Bamboo wipes are registered with the Vegan Society. We are committed to cruelty free production.

Health and Wellbeing (inc Child Labour)

All suppliers within the Mama Bamboo supply chain are audited and certified as engaging in only ethical labour practices. All suppliers will also be audited to SMETA / SEDEX standards in 2024 by our third party auditors. .

Decent work and economic growth

Mama Bamboo actively seek to employ return-to-work parents into flexible working patterns that enable parents to work who otherwise couldn't. Mama Bamboo also partners with the University of Hertfordshire to offer students gainful business experience within the structure of their study programme.

We are committed to continuing to offer meaningful work to flexible, part time return-to-work parents.

Quality Education

Mama Bamboo commit to continuing publishing articles educating consumers and business about bioplastics, composting technology, and eco-certifications and standards, and will campaign to raise standards across the industry.

Mama Bamboo supported the "Nappies (Environmental Standards) Bill 2017-19" which legislates standardising labelling of eco-nappy and is a champion of the Green Claims code for brands within our industry. We will continue to push this agenda through to wide scale implementation in 2024.