Who Are Mama Bamboo?

We are parents. Just like you, we are passionate about our children, and their welfare, their health and their future.

And we are worried: 8 million plastic nappies and 30 million plastic wet wipes are used EVERY DAY in the UK. Not only is this a huge pollutant, but these products are ill-suited our babies’ delicate skin.

In creating Mama Bamboo, we believe we have found the perfect blend of sustainability, performance, and convenience to make your life and your baby's life that much better today and tomorrow.

At the heart of everything we do is your babies’ health and comfort. By using bamboo, we truly believe we’ve found the most natural, luxuriously soft, antibacterial, breathable solution which helps control nappy rash, AND is kinder to Mama Earth.

“Best for baby, best for you and best for Mama Earth too”


Laura and the Mama Bamboo team x

Our small but perfectly formed team

Laura Crawford - Founder and CEO

Laura Crawford

Founder and CEO

The driving force behind Mama Bamboo, Laura’s wish list of performance, convenience and sustainability in baby hygiene products is now a reality due to her hard work, dedication and courage. In her free time, Laura can be found roasting marshmallows on a campfire in her garden or making a delightful mess at home with baking ingredients. 

Jennie Potts - Operations Director

Jennie Potts

Operations Director

From factory to front door, Jennie ensures the wrinkle-free running of our supply chain and fulfilment operations. As co-founder, Jennie firmly believes in the Mama Bamboo mission and passionately advocates the industrial composting of nappy waste. Jennie is a lover of exercise and a keen home baker.

Nicola Wiggins - Finance Manager

Nicola Wiggins

Finance Manager

With a savvy, commercial mindset and an eye for detail Nicola keeps all things finance ticking along nicely day to day. She isn't all numbers though. For Nicola, sustainability is every bit as important as profitability. She is also a published writer and enjoys countryside walks around the outskirts of her village with her children and fluffy dog. 

Emma Shutlar - Customer Support

Emma Shutlar

Customer Support

If you have a question or a request, it'll be Emma who's on the case, pronto! As a mother of two, she understands how exhausting parenthood can be and is devoted to ensuring a hassle-free customer experience.Outside of work, Emma enjoys a good workout, long dog walks and a great cup of coffee. 

Jo Wilde - Marketing Manager

Jo Wilde

Marketing Manager

With a career built on successfully launching new brands to market, Jo is an enthusiastic champion of our products and is super proud of our brand hero, Ping. Equally at ease working her magic on the marketing mix as co-chairing the board of governors at her children’s school. At weekends, you’ll find her on the touchline, cheering on her kids with her trademark passion and energy.