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The only eco-nappy ever to have won the BEST PERFORMANCE NAPPY RANGE at the Mother&Baby Awards

November 28, 2019 2 min read

The only eco-nappy ever to have won the BEST PERFORMANCE NAPPY RANGE at the Mother&Baby Awards

We are super excited and proud to be named as the....

"Best Performance Nappy Range" of 2020

best performance nappy mother&baby awards 2020 bamaboo gold medal

Each year, the Mother & Baby awards put the very best baby, pregnancy and new mum products on the market through their paces.

Their army of real mum testers put the products through their paces by living with them for a month before giving their real, honest opinion.

This way they guarantee that only the best gear gets awarded the medals. 
With this kind of rigorous, real mum testing, we are over-the-moon to have received the GOLD AWARD. 
The lovely mums who reviewed the nappies commented that....

"The Bamaboo nappies are beautifully soft compared to other biodegradable nappies that I have tried."

"I really wasn’t expecting them to be so nice but they are made from bamboo and so are also naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial."

"We had an improvement in her nappy rash whilst wearing them."

"The nappy has a quality feel about it, with a sophisticated design, and beautifully soft material. We had no leaks and no nappy rash."

"I liked using them for my baby because the nappy material feels soft and natural, rather than some of the plastic-y disposables on the market."

"I like the fact that the product is eco-friendly and the fact that they are so soft, comfortable and brilliant quality. No other disposable nappy I have come across has been this well made."

"I do really like the product and think it feels great and kinder to the skin. They stay on well and last well overnight with no leaks. They are a good fit."

"I think this nappy should win as they were amazing, and I had no issues with baby’s bum the whole time I used them, along with no leaks."

For us the recognition that not only are we best for mama earth but best for performance across both eco and non-eco ranges, has really made us proud. It goes to show that you really don't have to make a compromise on quality to go green. 


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