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Sustainability worth shouting about!

January 28, 2021 1 min read

Sustainability worth shouting about!

A huge congratulations to David Linden for getting the extended Clause 10 included in the updated Environment Bill (26th Jan 2021). This is a huge step forward.

Clause 10 states that all nappy companies will need to publish the exact materials used within their production, honestly and clearly, so consumers can make more sustainable choices. It is a move we welcome most wholeheartedly.

There are still ‘eco’ nappies brands shouting about their plant based covers but failing to mention that this accounts for just 15% of the material; the other 85% being plastic. And companies out there still labelling oxo-biodegradable plastics as ‘biodegradable’. In Europe Amazon have already banned oxo-biodegradable plastics, but here in the UK, this practise is still allowed.

Mama Bamboo uses 100% bamboo fibre covers and 100% compostable liners and packaging. Yay!

We look forward to the future of clear, honest labelling.

In tandem, we have continued our work with UCL to establish a fully circular model for all true bioplastics and privately we have been working on an in-home composter which would allow users to create a sterile mulch to be added to the standard green bin garden waste within a few hours. Both models would allow users to compost up to 80% of their nappy waste and 100% of their wet wipe waste efficiently. 

Establishing this end-of-life model, alongside the already reduced crude oil and chemicals used as inputs, and the carbon reduction and offsetting practices we undertake, would make Mama Bamboo nappies and wipes one of the most sustainable solutions in the world.

And that is certainly something we’d like to shout about!

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