New Year, New You & Boo

December 20, 2022 3 min read

New Year, New You & Boo

2023 is just around the corner, which means the time forNew Year’s Resolutions has arrived. However, with a newborn baby in your arms, a strict diet, regular gym routines and hours of beauty treatment aren’t particularly easy to keep up with. Nor are they necessary. You are beautiful exactly the way you are!  But you may want to consider incorporating a few healthier habits into your routine. 

It is important to support and sustain a healthylifestyle which you and your family can maintain in the long-run. This is why we have put together a list of ‘baby’ steps you, your partner and your little ones can make to live, eat and feel healthier in the new year! 

Eating Clean

What exactly isclean eating? Simply put, it involves choosingwhole foods and avoiding artificial foods. Stock your fridge and cupboards with healthy ingredients and start making plenty of tasty and healthyrecipes to keep you and your family  healthy, energised and in an overall better mood. 

Gentle Exercise

No, you do not need heavy exercise and daily gym visits to experience the benefits of physical activity. There are many studies which suggest gentle exercising might even be more beneficial. You might like to try aMummy & Me Yoga class. This gentle practice keeps you fit, without having to take your eyes off your little one. Or maybe you’d prefer alocal group run, with a chat and coffee afterwards. The options are limitless. 

Deep Sleep

Screen time before bed is a no-go! Limit this for yourself as well as your kids. The best way to getbetter sleep is to leave phones, iPads and other electronic devices far from the bedroom and use anold-fashioned alarm clock next to the bed. Also avoid the temptation to leave the video baby monitor glaring in your eyeballs. Turn the video function off and only take a look if you do hear sounds of upset. 

Obviously, deep sleep and proper sleep-quality do not tend to go hand in hand with having a newborn baby around, but there are ways to improve things. You may want to considerco-sleeping or using aside-cot in the early days to increase the quantity of your sleep. Once your child is at the appropriate age, a gentle, consistentbedtime routine is a great way for the whole family to get a better night's sleep. 

Ditch The Toxins

Where possible, swap to natural products. Choose natural shampoos, body lotions, hair products, etc. For adults, good natural brands are The Green Woman and Beyond Organics. As far as shampoo goes, brands likeDr. Organic andEthique are a great choice. Dr Organic includes details on their website about the % of organic content. Unlike some brands which may use as little as 5% organic content, many of Dr Organics shampoos and conditioners contain over 70% organic content. 

Of course, you want to offer your little one the same healthy care. Brands like odyliqueChild’s Farm,Green People and Kokoso are a great pick in this case. 

Stop Wearing Plastic

Your baby’s skin is as delicate as it gets and of course you want to protect it as best as possible. Nappies and clothing made from polyester and polypropylene are the number one cause ofnappy rash andeczema.   Our skin is not meant to be wrapped in plastic. 

ChooseMama Bamboo nappies and wipes to protect your newborn as best you can and sustain a healthy lifestyle from the very beginning. 

Get Outside

Even in the depths of winter, it's important to get outside for at least 30 minutes a day. The benefits of sunlight and fresh air cannot be overstated enough. For those of you with a little baby, the exposure to daylight will help set their circadian rhythm and encourage better separation between day and night for sleeping. So wrap up warm and step out. 


Being a healthy family does not mean having a 5% BMI or having expensive skin treatments every month. It means holistically taking care of your families’ bodies, minds, and spirits, in a way that helps you balance the pressures of parenthood with the need to eat, live and feel healthy.  

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