Gold - only the best for your baby!

Our Bamaboo eco nappies and wipes scooped a Gold award and a Bronze award!!! We are so proud. 

This year’s Awards were judged by Kimberley Walsh, Heidi Range, Jessica Cunningham, and many other parenting industry influencers. These judges joined the Made for Mums expert panel in one of the most rigorously tested awards programmes in the industry…with over 4000 hours spent putting products to the test.

So to win not 1 but 2 awards has really given us a huge reason to smile. 


“They are very absorbent and hold a lot of fluid well without leaving the bottom wet. The fact that these nappies are 80% biodegradable is even more appealing as I get through so many nappies a day. I would definitely buy these myself and recommend them to other mums. This is a very good product and hope to see them available in all supermarkets.” Lyndsey, mum of 3

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