5 reasons why thousands of parents are switching to supersoft, temperature regulating, planet-friendly bamboo nappies

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1. No more nappy rash

Bamboo viscose offers a softer-than-cotton feel with no irritation or allergens and naturally antibacterial properties. This breathable, temperature-regulating fabric allows air to circulate around babies' skin, which helps to prevent nappy rash.


2. A restful night's sleep

No one needs more midnight wake ups and washing! Bamboo viscose absorbs liquid rather than trapping it between fibres the way that polyester will. The combination of strong absorption, super-softness & our 12-hour leakage guard helps to alleviate sleep disruption, giving both you & baby a better rest.


3. No harmful chemicals or plastic on skin

Bamboo grows incredibly fast without needing an enormous amount of water and is organically grown without pesticides or fertilisers.

We use 100% certified sustainable Moso bamboo for the top and bottom layers of our nappies instead of the harmful plastic; polypropylene, polyethylene and polyester.

Bamboo is also 3x more effective as a carbon sink than any other tree or grass. This makes it the ideal crop for helping to lower CO2 and slowing climate change.

Mama Bamboo nappies are free from elemental chlorine, alcohol, latex and PVC, unlike leading nappy brands.


4. Multi award winning & loved by parents

Mama Bamboo nappies have been voted "Best Performance Nappy Range" by Mother & Baby due to their high absorption, comfort and fit, as well as winning gold for Best Eco-Friendly NappyBest Baby Wipe & Best Nappy Brand at the 2023 Organic Baby Awards!

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5. Say goodbye to nappy runs

Never run out of nappies & wipes again! You can stay stocked up with a simple Mama Bamboo Monthly Box Subscription. You’ll have everything you need delivered straight to your door and as your baby grows, you can easily tailor the size and quantity needed.

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