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We're so proud to be a friend of the Bamboo Village and be carbon neutral!

October 23, 2019 1 min read

We're so proud to be a friend of the Bamboo Village and be carbon neutral!

We have calculated our sea freight carbon emissions for the last year and sponsored the Ugandan Bamboo Village programme to plant bamboo in a previously deforested area to offset our carbon and achieve carbon neutrality. This amazing scheme has multiple benefits beyond our carbon offsetting. 

The Bamboo Village Programme was founded with the goal to fight both climate change and poverty. By planting and growing bamboo rather than any other tree or grass, 3x more carbon is absorbed in just 2 years, having a tangible positive impact on global warming.

Bamboo also has a rapid benefit in halting and reversing soil erosion, thereby reducing flash flooding and providing fertile soil for small holding crop growth. 

In addition the bamboo nursery is a direct source of the creation of long term jobs, such as nursery and field managers, bamboo specialists and drivers. Once the bamboo is harvested, it creates additional job opportunities for those who turn the bamboo into products.

The bamboo grown on the plantation is not only used to create products. It is used to build safe and sustainable homes. The Bamboo Village can host up to 200 families and they have plans to build a real community; a school, church, medical facility. 

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