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How to Prevent Nappy Rash

May 19, 2020 3 min read

How to Prevent Nappy Rash

How bamboo nappies are making nappy rash a thing of the past.

Keeping babies' skin dry

Step 1 in avoiding nappy rash is to keep your little one's skin dry. Bamboo fibre is naturally super absorbent - it wicks moisture away from your little one's skin. Bamboo has been shown to be 20% more absorbent than cotton. 

Let the air circulate

Unlike a traditional disposable, a bamboo nappy lets the skin breathe. Most nappies are made from oil-based plastic materials such as polypropylene, quite simply if you wore 'plastic' pants do you think your skin could breathe?

Bamboo is not only naturally 'breathable' but it is temperature regulating too.

Soft, no 'rubbing'

Commonly used in activewear and expensive sports socks, bamboo is well known to be an exceptionally soft material. So whilst keeping baby's skin dry, the nappy itself is super soft. As your newborn baby gets more mobile you simply don't want anything to rub against their skin.

Avoid nasty ingredients

Babies' skin is gossamer thin and highly sensitive, it absorbs far more than adult skin. Many nappies contain ingredients that irritate the skin, avoiding products that contain chlorine, alcohol/ ethanol, Latex, PVC and phthalates will reduce nappy rash, ezcema and skin irritation.

Chlorine Free

Chlorine is the main ingredient in bleach and yet many nappies still contain chlorine as it is often used to whiten the material and pulp. There is simply no need for us to use chlorine in our nappies.

Alcohol Free

Alcohol, sometimes described as ethanol (as then you might not realise what it is) is used in most supermarket nappies even though it can dry out babies' skin and lead to irritation. 

No Phthalates

A little known 'nasty' in many nappy ranges are phthalates. These are added to soften plastic to make it more flexible and durable. In the past few years, researchers have linked phthalates to asthma, ADHD, breast cancer, neuro-developmental issues, amongst others. Not enough is known about the effects of phthalates, yet many companies use them in baby products ranges and in personal cosmetics. 

When you choose a nappy that is free from chlorine, alcohol, Latex, PVC, phthalates you will reduce the chances of your baby's skin reacting and becoming inflamed and sore.

Cheap nappies - are they a false economy?

Sure, the plastic nappies are cheap but you're probably going to need to buy a pot of nappy cream as well. 

Nappy rash cream is big business. At any one time a third of babies and toddlers have nappy rash. In 2011 sales of nappy creams rose* as parents switched to cheaper supermarket brands - no coincidence that the recession led to more parents switching to cheaper nappies made from plastic, using more ingredients such as chlorine and latex.

Bamboo is more expensive to use in our production than plastic materials and cheap cotton, but you shouldn't need nappy rash cream.

We won't put the pictures here (because they make us cry), but google 'nappy rash' and you'll see why at Mama Bamboo we would simply do anything to prevent you  and your babies' from this awful condition.

Putting the many environmental benefits of using bamboo aside, what we do (and don't) use in our nappies and  wipes will ensure your baby has the cutest, peachy bottom, naturally... saving you the heartache and the pennies on buying and trying multiple nappy rash creams!

Mama Bamboo Customer Reviews

Here are just a few snippets from our most recent TrustPilot reviews.

"Our baby has never had nappy rash in her 10 months using the products"

"Our little girl has never had nappy rash and seems to be very comfortable wearing them."

"They never give my baby a rash unlike some popular brands."

"...always a lovely soft bum, no nappy rash or rub marks"

"Soft nappies that do not leak or give nappy rash (both pampers and Aldi ones leaked and/or gave our baby a rash)"

"No Nappy rashes.
The BEST NAPPYS EVER, my daughter-in-law loves them."

Mama Bamboo Trustpilot Reviews

* Source: US Business Advisor


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