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Sustainable X

March 15, 2021 1 min read

Sustainable X

Not satisfied with being a B-Corp and the highest rated nappy brand by The Ethical Consumer, Mama Bamboo have also engaged Sustainable X to audit and help us shape our future goals and targets, to drive us towards an ever more sustainable business model. 

Mama Bamboo are Sustainable X's first client to meet the requirements for 'Summit' status. 

Working closely with Sustainable X we have identified exactly where we are on the journey to 100% sustainability and set ourselves very specific targets for our goals. 

Mama Bamboo are committed to:-

  • Donating 20% of net profits to charitable causes every year including Little Village, Ugandan Bamboo Village, NSPCC and WWF
  • Extending our carbon offsetting programme to achieve "forest to bottom" carbon neutral by 2025
  • Further research and development to launch the most efficient in-home composter and lobbying of councils to allow all users to guarantee fully circular economy model across the whole of UK by 2025
  • Continue to grow internal team offering flexible, return to work contracts and training

Thank you to everyone who has supported us on our journey so far. With your continued support we will uphold these goals and fulfill our mission to 'Use Business for Good' and 'Make Sustainable Business the New Normal'. 


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