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Single packs - Bamboo Eco-Nappies

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Why are Mama Bamboo nappies the 'Best'?

Our award-winning eco-nappies and pull ups are made from the softest luxury breathable bamboo fibres and chlorine free wood pulp.

Voted “Best Performance Nappy Range” by Mother&Baby and “Best Eco-nappy” by MadeForMums.


  • Mama Bamboo uses the softest breathable bamboo fibres which feel silky on your baby’s delicate skin
  • Bamboo has natural antibacterial properties which reduce the chances of nasty nappy rash and irritation
  • Bamboo fibres have incredible moisture absorbing and temperature regulating properties to keep your baby's skin dry and comfortable even on hot and humid days


  • Our 3D form fitting nappies with flexi double tabs, wide base, ruched trims and elasticated back panels, allow your baby to wriggle and squirm happily whilst protecting against leaks
  • Our seven layer design has been proven to provide excellent absorption rates day and night, so you and your little one can sleep soundly tonight
  • Bamboo fibre makes our nappies strong and soft; strong enough for the most eye-rolling of messes whilst still being soft enough for your baby's most sensitive bits and bobs


  • Our nappies are free from alcohol, chlorine, preservatives, phthalates, latex, PVC and PAHs
  • Our bamboo layers, pulp core, inner lining and packaging are all 100% biodegradable
  • We are the ONLY nappy company to use 100% compostable packaging
  • All of our freight emissions are carbon neutral through our partnership with the  Bamboo Village Afforestation Programme. 
Which size will fit my baby?

The size of nappy you need is dependent on the weight of your baby. Below is table detailing the weight range of each nappy size. 

We have also included a general age guide, but it is always best to follow the weight guidelines for nappy size.


 Weight Range


 0-3 months

 2-4 kgs

 Newborn - Size 1

 3-6 months

 3-8 kgs

 Size 2 nappies

 6-12 months

 6-11 kgs

 Size 3 nappies

 9-18 months

 9-14 kgs

 Size 4 nappies

 12-24 months

 12-20 kgs

 Size 5 nappies

 18-36 months

 12-20 kgs

 Size 5 pull ups

 +24 months

 +17 kgs

 Size 6 pull ups

How many nappies will I receive?

Our trial packs are designed to give you 3-5 days worth of nappies or pull ups to give them a good try. You need to see them perform well both in the day and overnight and preferably how they handle both a little wee and a full scale poonami!

We are confident that after 3 days you'll be as in love with these nappies as we are; there is nothing as soft or as good for your baby's delicate skin as bamboo and no other nappy on the market can claim to be as eco-friendly. 

  • Size 1 single pack = 35 nappies 
  • Size 2 single pack = 30 nappies 
  • Size 3 single Pack = 28 nappies 
  • Size 4 single Pack = 26 nappies 
  • Size 5 single Pack = 20 nappies
  • Size 5 single Pack = 18 pull ups 
  • Size 6 single Pack = 18 pull ups 
What are your nappies made from?

Our nappies are hypoallergenic and naturally antibacterial. Each nappy is made from mostly naturally derived fabrics:

  • 100% non-woven bamboo fibre
  • 100% compostable blown film liners
  • 100% Chlorine-free sustainably sourced compostable fluff pulp core
  • High grade Super Absorbent Polymers
  • Elastane ruched legs and Spandex back panels
  • PP and PE fasteners and tabs

Our nappy packaging is made from a sustainably sourced 100% compostable blown film.

Overall our nappies represent one of the most environmentally friendly nappy products available.

In industrial or hot home compost, each nappy can decompose by up to 80% and the packaging can completely decompose.

What packaging do you use?

We are very proud to be the only nappy company using 100% compostable blown film for our nappy packaging.

This can break down in normal home compost within 6 months. 

How quickly can you guarantee delivery?


All products are sent with tracking enabled via DPD. Delivery takes between 2-5 days. 

Please see our Shipping & Returns page for full details.


Unless explicitly stated otherwise, all international and offshore UK deliveries will incur additional shipping charges. These will be calculated based on weight of ordered products and best available rates.