EverEarth Bamboo Giant Noah's Ark and Animals

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has for years been socially and environmentally responsible, extending

both to our production and reforestation process.

We are one of the first global toy manufacturers to have managed our own forest with

an area of 8000 hectares (20,000 acres) in East Asia. Our toy-making businesses’

sustainable forestry practices were reviewed by the non-profit organization FSC



2011, and our forest was awarded an FSC


certificate soon after.

Beautiful traditional bamboo Giant Noah's Ark and animals gift set. The perfect Christmas gift for little hands and big imaginations. A luxurious well made toy to be passed down from one child to another. 

Made by EverEarth, the first toy manufacturer to have their own FSC certified 8000 hectare forest in SE Asia. Their commitment to sustainability and education is second to none.