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What is a B-Corp

B Corp is to business what Fairtrade certification is to coffee or OEKO-TEX is to Cotton. It is the gold standard for ethical business. Certified B Corporations do business in a particular way. Rather than operating purely to generate profit, they prioritise working for social and environmental good.

In order to become a B Corp, businesses are certified by the non-profit B Lab to voluntarily meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability and transparency. Each company’s B Impact Report can be viewed online, so that consumers can see where the companies they buy from sit on the scale. It took Mama Bamboo eleven months of rigorous assessment to become a B-Corp and we scored very well indeed!

It’s a rapidly growing movement: the first 19 B Corps were certified in 2007 and there are now over 4000 Certified B Corporations across more than 70 countries. Some of the bigger brand names you may recognise include Patagonia, Ben & Jerry’s and Ella's Kitchen. Ocado and Waitrose have recently launched "B-Corp aisles" to help consumers identify these brands and make easy ethical shopping choices.

By choosing to shop our B-Corp brand, you can be assured that we meet the highest ethical and sustainable standards.

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