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We recently made a couple of changes to our nappies:

  1. We changed the tape on the front panel of the nappy to a bamboo mesh rather than woven bamboo which allows the sticky tabs to grip far more effectively to improve the function of the nappy.
  2. We also introduced new eco-comfort side panels. These are stretchier than the original panels, giving your baby more freedom to wriggle about. And they are semi biodegradable; made from 50% PLA, so they are more environmentally friendly.  
As you know at Mama Bamboo our aim is always to use the most natural and most advanced materials which will deliver the best possible nappy for your babies, whilst protecting Mama Earth. 

All nappies are put through and pass pre-production testing but after feedback and further investigation, we have become aware that the new side panels are not as reliable overnight.  It seems that when exposed to higher levels of moisture, usually occurring overnight, the panels can occasionally come apart at the side. 

It is only affecting a few batches of the Essentials Range. 

We pride ourselves on the quality of our nappies and although our testing has revealed that this has affected less than 2% of this batch we are not happy with this and have withdrawn their production.

Remaining stock is available from our website at a discounted cost of £4 per pack and we recommend that they are used for daytime only and not used overnight. These will be available until February 24th after which they will be withdrawn completely. 

New stock featuring our original side panels has completed production and will be available by late February. 

If you have a subscription of Size 2 or 3 you may choose to delay your next order or alternatively, we will fulfil your order using this discounted stock and automatically refund the difference. Size 1, 4, 5,and 6 subscription are unaffected. 

Please accept our sincerest apologies for any inconvenience this has caused, we have taken this issue very seriously and thank everyone for their patience and feedback.

​Kindest Regards
Laura & Jennie
Mama Bamboo