Mama Bamboo Who are You?

Mama Bamboo who are you?

We hear this question all the time along with ‘I haven’t heard of you before’ and the main reason you have not heard of us is that we are new and only started selling our nappies, wipes and dinner sets in September 2018.

Where did it all begin?

Mama Bamboo began in January 2018 as the brain child of Laura Crawford.  She sat staring at the pile of brightly coloured, tatty, plastic plates and cups she used for her children every day and an idea began to form.  She realized we often expect children to use and wear products we wouldn’t even consider buying for ourselves and felt there had to be more attractive, natural alternatives out there and Mama Bamboo was born. She wanted to provide high quality, practical, environmentally friendly, gentle products for parents and their children without the associated ‘green’ price tag.

A woman on a mission she single handedly found suppliers, producers, designed nappies, packaging, and animal characters and finally after these months of research and development, testing and certification Bamaboo nappies and wipes and ENVU Cubs Club dinner sets were ready for the world.

What are Mama Bamboo’s Core Values?

We want to provide high quality, practical, environmentally friendly, gentle products for parents and their children with each product living up to our core values:

BEST for BABY – each product is designed with baby’s comfort and wellbeing as a priority.

BEST for YOU – the products are designed and tested with parents in mind to make sure they are practical, durable, reliable and good value.

BEST for MAMA EARTH – all elements of the product and supply are chosen to be kinder to the environment.

Who are the people behind Mama Bamboo?

Laura Crawford is the founder and CEO of Mama Bamboo and a mother of 2 little angels, who you can find on our packaging!  In her former life she worked as a consultant in London but took a career break after having her children.  She wanted to be around for her children, do the best for them and the world they would inherit and knew that she did not want to return to her previous work life or work for somebody else.  This left one, slightly crazy, alternative: to start up her own company. 

Jennie Potts is the other half of Mama Bamboo, mother of 1 little angel and 20-year friend of Laura.  She spent 5 years working in London and then spent the next 10 years working in finance.  Since she had her little boy she has dipped in and out of various part-time jobs to fit around children and school.  However, after finally settling in one place and deciding they were going to stay Jennie decided she needed a change, this was serendipitously the time when Laura was beginning to realise she needed some help and the rest, as they say, is history.

We are both extremely passionate about what we do, the world we live in and the values of the company!  Our vision is for Mama Bamboo to grow to be a well-known name in the eco-friendly market place associated with good quality, reliable, sustainably produced products giving parents and children value for money, greater choice for the good of their family and for the good of the world.


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