Bamaboo Eco-Nappies by Mama Bamboo

What are Bamaboo nappies made from?

Bamaboo nappies are made from the softest luxury breathable bamboo fibre and chlorine free wood pulp.  The nappies are free from perfume, alcohol, PVC, Latex and Phthalates and benefit from the naturally antibacterial benefits of bamboo.

Why are Bamaboo nappies an eco-nappy?

Bamaboo nappies are classed as an eco-nappy as our nappies are made primarily from sustainable and renewable materials, without the use of chemicals and they are also biodegradable (they will be 60% decomposed within 3 months and can achieve up to 80% decomposition over time).

Why should I use Bamaboo nappies for my baby?

Our nappies are supersoft, chemical free and gentle on baby’s skin.  Bamboo fibres are amazing at absorbing moisture as well as being naturally antibacterial: keeping little bottoms dry and comfortable as well as reducing the chances of nappy rash and irritation.

We know fit and absorption are vitally important for all parents – whatever is in the nappy needs to stay in there. Bamaboo nappies have flexi double tabs to fasten the nappies snugly; elasticated legs and back panel to prevent leaks and a 7-layer design to provide excellent absorption day and night.

Our nappies are award winning! Not only have we vigorously tested them other parents have too and they have been awarded a Made for Mums Gold Award and Bizzie Baby Silver Award.

One final added bonus – our nappies are wrapped in D2W oxo-degradable film so even the packaging will biodegrade.


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