6 Top Sustainabilty Tips for Festivals

So festival season is here once again and while we all want to go, let loose and have a great time we are more aware than ever of the environmental impact we are having.

So, here at Mama Bamboo we have put together a few tips for you all, to help take the stress out of being sustainable so you can put all your energy into have fun and enjoying yourself.

  1.  Take you own cups and water bottle.  Everyone has their reusable coffee cup and water bottles and if you are anything like me you have a wine glass too so be sure to take these with you.  If you do forget them don't worry just re-use the disposable you are given as many of the bar now have take back schemes.
  2. Take you own cutlery.  There are many reusable cutlery sets available now, even some made of bamboo, that come in protective cases.  Buy one for your summer festival and then pop it in your work or hand bag to use for lunches on the go when back in the real world.
  3.  Borrow a tent. Borrow one from a friend or some festivals now have a borrow a tent scheme so that you can pick up a tent when you arrive and regardless of the state it is in hand it back in at the end and receive money back for doing so.  If that isn't an option there are now compostable tents available that will last for the weekend and then breakdown within 120 days.  More 1 in 5 tents at a festival are abandoned and despite charities sometimes offering clean up services the vast majority of tents end up in landfill.
  4. Use biodegradable glitter.  Glitter is essentially teeny, tiny bits of plastic and foil which never breaks down and gets washed into the sea and digested by all living organisms.  There are some biodegradable brands now available such as Bioglitter that does not contain any plastic and will break down.
  5. Share a lift.  Travel to the festival using public transport or make a road trip of it and travel down with your friends.
  6.  Clean up after yourself.  If you have bought a tent for this one occasion take it home with you and find a charity to give so you know it is going to a good cause.  Pick up your rubbish and put it in the bins available on site, recycling whatever you can.

So armed with those tips have an amazing festival season made even better by being guilt-free!


Jennie Potts a wife, mother and the other half of Mama Bamboo.  Following a career break, she has jumped back in at the deep end: filling every role necessary for starting up a new company.  When she is not investigating more sustainable living and more eco-friendly products she exercises to keep her sane; attempts to manage the 3 men in her life (her husband, her son and her dog) with limited success and on the rare occasion of a quiet moment can be found in the bath with a glass of wine and a good book.

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